Following the Prime Minister's announcement on 4th January 2021 about a National lockdown, The College of Podiatry, our governing body, have confirmed that medical appointments are still allowed in lockdown.

We shall be remaining open for clinic appointments.

We have been successfully working in an altered way for several months, ensuring a Covid safe business. 

All staff are very well trained, and we have the correct PPE in place to make the service as safe as it can be.

Our clinic will be a little different for a while for everyone’s safety, and we ask you to come straight from home and leave any unnecessary bags in the car please to minimise cross infection in the clinic. 


We shall continue to ask you questions prior to your visit, ask you to attend at your appointment on time and on your own where possible. We ask you to wear a face covering and sanitise your hands-on entry and exit of the building. We shall take your temperature on arrival and provide our usual high level of service.


All appointments will have a £5.00 Covid-19 surcharge added. This is due to the increased level of personal protection equipment our staff need to wear, the extra time required to carry out appropriate decontamination of the clinic in between each patient and the global shortage of medical supplies causing increased costs.


Initially the clinical hours will be different, and each appointment will have a gap after it as we have incorporated a thorough cleaning regimen after each appointment. 

Please do not come to the clinic unless you have an appointment.

We have been and will continue to be led by guidance from our professional body, the College of Podiatry, and our regulatory body, the Health and Care Professions Council.

We hope that we will be able to see you all as soon as you are ready for an appointment.

We are also on hand to provide telephone advice and video consultations if a clinic appointment isn’t possible for you at the moment.

We shall keep this page updated to reflect our clinic status.

Thank you for your understanding and take care,

Burton Chiropody and  Podiatry Centre Ltd