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Are you able to treat any foot problem?

Following the thorough and extensive University training of our Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Regsistered Podiatrists at Burton Chiropody and Podiatry Centre Ltd, we are able to assess and diagnose a wide range of foot and lower limb related pathologies.

How much will I be charged?

Our prices are clearly displayed in the clinic. Before any new treatment plan is carried out by your Podiatrist, pricings and related costs shall be discussed with you so that you can decide on your course of treatment.

Are costs reduced for NHS patients, children or OAP's?

We are a clinic that sees private fee-paying clients and the charges are the same for all clients, irrespective of age. NHS patients are able to be seen but there are no reduced fees or discounts available.

Our fees are competitive and represent excellent value for money as we always try to improve foot problems and even cure them wherever possible. In the long term this can result in less need to see a Podiatrist / Chiropodist, thereby providing potential cost saving for clients.

Do I need to see my GP first?

No, you do not need to see your GP before you see a Podiatrist. If we feel that you need to see a GP following your treatment, we will advise you of this. We are able to write to your GP on your behalf and document the findings from our appointment, and if this is the case, we shall discuss all of this with you at your appointment.

We are also able to liase with other healthcare providers are necessary to ensure that you are getting the best treatment possible.