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How we can help you

If you have a problem with your feet or lower limbs, no matter how big or small, you have come to the experts! And don't worry or feel embarrassed or ashamed, as over the years we have probably seen almost everything that we could see....we just love feet!

At the clinic we carry out a wide range of podiatry treatments like dealing with problem toenails, whether they are affected with a fungal infection, are very difficult to cut, or are in growing. Treatments may be routine, conservative or surgical, depending upon your individual needs. 

We are specialists at diagnosing conditions of the feet and skin, and are able to accurately differentiate between hard skin, a corn and a verruca, and advise you on the appropriate treatment to take, if any.

Footwear advice is always freely available, as is advice in relation to growing feet and those of your loved ones whether young or old, mobile or not very, we are able to help. 

Pain and discomfort associated with a variety of sporting activities is also a specialism of ours so just give us a call to see how we can help you. 

During your first appointment we will discuss with you a treatment plan and explain how we are able to help and get you enjoying all of those things that make you happy, without the fear of painful feet.

Expert advice

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